Lehigh Faculty Senate

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Next Faculty Senate Meeting:

September 2, 2022


Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Frank Gunter
Peter Zeitler
College of Arts and Sciences
George Nation
College of Business
Ethan Van Norman
College of Education
Eduardo Gomez
College of Health
Ray Pearson
P.C. Rossin College of Engineering & Applied Science
K. Sivakumar
Secretary of the Faculty
Jill Forrest
Secretary to the Senate

Faculty Senate Handbook

Goals of the Faculty Senate

  • Creating a Faculty Code of Conduct to ensure that all faculty adhere and support the values that we espouse and aspire to achieve.
  • To include Diversity and Inclusiveness criteria as components of our Tenure and Promotion process.
  • To work with, and hold accountable, the Administration and Sr. Leadership to provide tangible support for all vulnerable groups on campus, to educate members of the campus on historical and existing racial and ethnic inequities, and to diversify hiring at all levels.
  • To work with the broader faculty, students, and staff on programs, curricula, and opportunities to turn our words into action for real and measurable change.